Data Science at UCSB is the university’s most active engineering and science club on campus. We focus on teaching students the basics of topics in data science such as data visualization, manipulation, predictive modeling, and machine learning. Focusing on R, Python, and SQL, we hope to foster a learning environment for students of all skill levels.

The club is open to students of all grade levels and majors.

Our Officer Team

Executive Team

Katie Huynh Anna Bauer Kshitij Agarwal
President Internal Vice President External Vice President
I’m a fourth year Statistics and Data Science major from the Bay Area and a boba connoisseur who loves road trips, reading, and drawing. I joined data science because I love how the field combines both programming and data to improve upon information and communicate that information to the rest of the world. This year, I hope that Data Science UCSB can be a great resource for members to gain hands-on experience for the technical industry and serve as a great community. I’m a fourth-year Stats & Data Science and Economics double major from Marin County in the Bay Area. In my free time, I’m an active member of UCSB Women’s Club Water Polo and I love to swim. I joined the club to work on data science projects and to build a supportive network. This year, I hope to make learning data science more accessible to UCSB students and continue the friendly atmosphere of the club. Hey everyone! My name is Krish Agarwal and I am a third year Computer Science major from the Bay Area. I enjoy playing Badminton and Volleyball, hitting the gym, and watching anime. I have been a part of the club since my freshman year and I joined to gain real life data science experience outside of the classroom but I have also been able to find a community and make close friends through my time as an officer.

Marketing and Operations

Shivani Kharva Priyasha Agarwal Madeline Porter
Chair of Directors Director of Operations Director of Professional Development
Hi! I’m a third year Statistics and Data Science major from Orange County. I love data analysis, especially when I get to use datasets that relate to biology or environmental science! I love baking, reading, and playing video games. I’m excited to get to know so many new people in this club this year! Hi! My name is Priyasha Agarwal and I am a fourth year Economics and Statistics & Data Science double major with an Applied Psychology minor from the Bay Area! I love dancing and exploring pretty dessert places. I joined the Data Science club in order to strengthen my analytical skills while surrounding myself with a community of people invested in my growth. My career aspirations include management consulting and corporate strategy. I am excited to meet all of you this year! Hey guys! I’m a fourth year Financial Math and Stats major originally from Orange County. I joined Data Science UCSB because I wanted to further develop my data science skills outside of the courses allocated for my major. I enjoy reading, going to the beach, and playing the piano in my free time!
Praveen Manimaran Jeffrey Cao Samantha Su
Director of Public Relations Director of Alumni Relations Director of Communications
Hello! I’m Praveen and I’m a 3rd year Statistics and Data Science major from Cupertino, CA. I love playing basketball, going to the gym, and playing NBA 2K and Call of Duty Warzone with my friends during my free time. I joined the Data Science club to learn more about what Data Science is really about and how I can eventually end up as a successful data scientist/analyst. Hello! I am a second year Computer Science Major from the Bay Area. I enjoy basketball, anime, and hanging out with friends. I joined Data Science to explore my interests in neural networks and cloud computing. Since then, I’ve gained a lot of valuable technical experience, as well as a place to call home. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone throughout the year! Hi! I’m a second year data science major/ art minor and I’m excited to be an officer again this year. I really love developing and bringing creative ideas together to building something beautiful, and I look forward to supporting the amazing Data Science UCSB community to becoming even more closer and professional. Some of my hobbies include arts and crafts along with running. I look forward to getting to know everyone this year in the club and working on projects!
Luke Fields Brian Che Stella Jia
Director of Finance Director of Finance Director of Designs
Hello there! I am a fourth year from Orange County studying Statistics and Data Science here in sunny Santa Barbara. I joined the Data Science club because I saw an opportunity to train my skills in data science in a way I could not do on my own, as well as in a way that would show me the highlights and potential of the data science community at UCSB! I currently work as a Statistician Intern at UCSB Athletics to explore my interest in sports and business analytics! Outside of the world of data science, I love to explore as many beaches as I can, try my hand at different cuisines, or watching whatever sporting event is on! Hello! I’m a fourth year at UCSB, pursuing a B.S. in Statistics & Data Science. I enjoy reading and playing volleyball whenever I get the chance. My interests lie in product management and data science projects revolving around user research! Feel free to reach out to me! Hi! I’m a second-year Statistics & Data Science major from the Bay Area. I’m interested in utilizing data science to create a positive social impact by combining the disciplines of STEM and humanities. In my free time, I love going on hikes, using Notion, and trying new Ben & Jerry flavors!

Project Group Directors

Winbert Zhang Grant Cai Mateo Wang Mehir Arora
Mehir Arora
Beginner Pipeline Intermediate Pipeline Project Group Project Group
Hi everyone! I’m a second year Computer Science major from the Bay Area. Some of my hobbies include cooking, hiking, board games, and anime. I joined Data Science club to learn more about data science and join a community of friendly and curious people with similar interests. Excited to meet everyone joining the Beginner Pipeline! Hi! I’m a fourth year Stats and Data Science major and English minor who’s also pursuing a TMP certificate. When I’m not studying or doing data science-y things, I’m rowing crew for UCSB and working at CLAS. I hope to apply my knowledge of statistics and machine learning in either sports or business. Hi! I’m a third-year CS major at UCSB from San Jose. I have a deep passion for all things data science and web development. The way I approach learning and solving problems is diving headfirst: understand the landscape of what you’re trying to learn or create and just do it, learning as you go. When I’m not working on side projects or cramming homework last minute, you can find me improvising on the pianos of the dorm lobbies or running on the beautiful SB beaches! Hey there! I’m a second year Math major from Cupertino! I joined the data science club because I’m interested in using data to analyze complex systems, and model intelligent decision making. You should reach out to me if you’re interested in modern machine learning, like the applications of large transformer models. I think the best way to learn is by doing, so I’m always working on something machine learning related. When I’m not engulfed in side projects, I do plenty of reading too!