Q: How can I register for the 2022-2023 school year?

A: Registration will open on Tuesday, September 27th during our fall kickoff meeting. The location and membership fee will be announced closer to the kickoff.

Q: Do I need Data Science experience to join the club?

A: No! If you have little to no data science or coding experience, there is a beginner route for newcomers designed to teach the basics and fundamentals needed to be well on your way to becoming a better data scientist.

Q: Do I have to be a Computer Science or Statistics major to join the club?

A: Absolutely not! Anybody with an interest in learning about Data Science is welcome in this club, no matter your major or intended field!

Q: Are there requirements and strict settings within the club?

A: Not in the slightest! This is a student-run club designed to groom and polish your data science skills, but it is no way a stressful club to be a part of. Members and officers are friendly and compatible people to work with and form friendships with. You will get what you put into this club!

Q: When are the meetings and how often am I supposed to attend them?

A: Meetings begin every Tuesday night at 7:00 and typically last for about two hours. Meetings will not take place during Dead week and Finals week. You should attend whenever you can, but try to make it to every meeting. If you miss a meeting, it’s totally understandable. Just make sure to check in with your project group so you don’t feel out of the loop from week to week, or contact an officer or peer to get caught up on what was taught.

Q: What are the pipelines?

A: The pipelines are an opportunity for you to learn based on your current skill set. We offer the beginner pipeline (intro to Python), intermediate pipeline (machine learning), and a project pipeline where you can get started on your own data science project!

Q: Which pipeline should I join?

If you have little to no experience with coding, the beginner pipeline offers an introduction to Python that may be suitable for you. If you have some experience with coding or have taken CMPSC 8, try the intermediate pipeline (machine learning concepts). If you’re more confident in data science concepts, try the project pipeline! You can switch pipelines at any time during the quarter.

Q: What is the Project Showcase?

A: The Project Showcase is an opportunity for you to show off you and your project group’s hard work at the end of the year! After working for multiple quarters on a project that your group devises, the finished project can be submitted, reviewed, and presented at the Project Showcase.

Q: Which languages will I be using within the club?

A: Typically, our project groups will be working predominantly in either Python or R. The language you choose to use is up to you and your project group. Also, if you are familiar with R, and not as strong in Python, or vice versa, and want to learn more of the other language, you have the opportunity to do so through this club!

Q: How can I get more involved with the club?

A: Anybody is welcome to join the club, and the best way to get more involved is to attend the weekly general meetings! Also, follow us on our social media platforms and join Data Science UCSB’s Slack channel to stay updated on upcoming events!

Q: What do I need to bring to the meetings?

A: Just bring your computer and your knowledge and you’ll be good to go!