For the personal projects workshop, our officer and pro project mentor Connor Levenson walked us through how to get started with a personal project. Personal projects are the best way to get real-world experience with data science and those with project experience are much more highly sought after by employers.

Connor walked us through the following topics:

  • Why should you have a personal/portfolio project?
  • Good practices for setting up your environments
  • What does a good project look like?
  • Sample publication of a project

We also reviewed a project pipeline that would take us from the initial idea to the results:

  • Data first approach
  • Question first approach
  • Assessing feasibility of the project
  • Tidying the data
  • Data visualization
  • Model training and validation
  • Sample publication of a project

Thank you to all of our members that came out this to this workshop!

Personal Project Workshop Slides