Next Thursday, UCSB Data Science will be hosting our Project Showcase, where seven groups will be presenting their unique data science project! Take a look what each of their projects is about!

Forged Signature Classification

Mike Zhou, Yujie Li
Use convolutional neural networks to predict whether or not a signature is forged.

NFL Salary Predictions

Brian Li, Connor McIntosh
We want to predict a running back free agent’s next contract length and amount.

Basketball Final Score Prediction

Bernie Graves, Henry Strecker, Michael Curtis
We want to predict the final score of an NBA basketball game given the score at halftime.

Headlines Stock Prediction

Nathan Roll, Amner Guzamn, Jorge Murillo
Use recently posted Reddit headlines to predict the movement of the S&P 500 fund.

Fake News Recognition

Katie, Priyasha, Hirish, Kevin, Isha
Use the text of a news article to classifiy it as real or fake.


Mateo Wang, Jinsong Ni, Anmol Kapoor, Aditya Ramakrishan
Use NLP techniques to pull reccomendations for products from Reddit as an aid to the user.