With over 180 attendees at our Kickoff meeting over Zoom, Data Science UCSB welcomes back both returning and new students!

To recap:

  • Project group leader, Connor Levenson, went over his freshman year project that dealt with predicting drafted NFL quarterbacks, which he had presented at the Spring Showcase!

  • The Beginner Pipeline, Intermediate Pipeline, and Project Groups will be starting again next Tuesday, January 12

  • To replace last quarter’s mentorships, we will be launching our Big-Little social program, and through these groupings, we hope we can provide a way to meet and socialize with other students in your year and major! Sign-ups to be a Big or Little can be found on the Big-Little tab right above!

  • If anyone has academic or professional questions, please go ahead to the resources page and fill out the mentorship form, where you can ask us questions about careers, majors, classes, and data science!

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Kickoff meeting, and we hope to see you again!

DS UCSB Winter 2021 Kickoff Presentation