Intermediate and Beginner Pipeline Resources

Past Slides and Notebooks: Review intermediate and pipeline presentation slides and Colab!

Project Pipeline Resources Fall 2021

Past Slides: Past presentations for the Project Group (Fall 2021).


Big Data Science & Analytics Bi-Annual Scholarship: $2,000 check made to winner’s accredited university Due: September 1st and February 1st each year
INFORMS Innovative Applications in Analytics: Cash awards of $3000, $2000, and $1000 for the first three teams Due: October 15, 2020

Code Academy: Offers free coding classes in 12 different languages

Kaggle: To explore some data sets and build upon data science

CRML: Slideshows from the 2020 Responsible Machine Learning Summit

Stanford 231n Spring 2017 Lecture Series: Computer Vision and Deep Learning lectures

Competitions and Programs

Kaggle Competition: Wide variety of competitions to explore your interests

International Data Analysis Olympiad (IDAO): Bridge the gap between machine learning models and performance bottlenecks of the industry

DrivenData: Data Science Competitions for Social Good: Compete to come up with the best statistical model for difficult predictive problems

If you have any questions or need advice on majors, careers, data science, etc, please fill out this form. We will address your question during a general meeting or respond to you via email!